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My work as a CPA means that I don’t write a lot.  Most of my advice is given to my customers during phone calls, meetings, and the occasional e-mail.

I want to share my knowledge with more people, and show them how they can save money and help themselves when it comes to financial decisions.  Small changes in personal finances can add up to big savings, and tiny mistakes can throw an entire company into lockdown mode.

This blog exists as an easy way to inform online readers about accounting and financial decisions.  From income taxes and tax returns to retirement, bookkeeping, and payroll, I will give professional advice and information that you may not have heard of.

So I invite you, reader, to view my blogs and read about interesting tax hacks, ways to save and better utilize money, and more.  With my background and experience, you’ll learn more about finances than you knew there was to know!

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Madison Randolph

Madison Randolph is a CPA who works with individuals and small businesses to help them save money. Madison believes that your hard earned money should be in your pocket, not Uncle Sam’s. This passion has empowered him to help his clients save tens of thousands of tax dollars by employing his tax strategies he has learned in the 30 years he’s been practicing. Madison is a certified public accountant, certified tax master, and is involved in ongoing training to best serve his clients. Madison holds a degree from University of Tennessee in Accounting. He is the owner of Madison Randolph, CPA based in Knoxville. His practice has been serving the people of Knoxville for over 10 years.

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