Qualified Business Income

The U.S. tax code has always acknowledged the existence of different sorts of income. Each of those different incomes is treated differently, with unique requirements and tax cuts. One of those incomes is named, “Qualified Business Income”, and it comes with its own standards for deduction rates that differ from other sorts of income. Today,…
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What is Tax Planning?

If you receive any kind of taxable income, you may find yourself missing out on certain tax breaks that you could be entitled to. This is normal – if you haven’t devoted yourself to learning tax law, it’s easy to get confused with all the regulations and maneuvers involved in figuring out how much your…
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What is Audit Protection?

Everyone knows that there is one word, in particular, they never want to read in a letter from the IRS: Audit. This tiny-yet-frightening word means that something was wrong with your taxes. Not only that, but it was so wrong that the IRS insists on digging through your finances to discover exactly where the problem…
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