How Your Home Office is Tax Deductible

There are a lot of myths and fears regarding a home office and your tax deductions. It seems like a one-way ticket to receiving an audit. However, when correctly handled, deducting your home office from your taxes can be a huge money saver. It’s actually easier than you may think. Today, we want to show…

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Top Apps to Track Mileage

When you’re traveling for anything related to your business, it literally turns your miles into money. Trips to meetings, traveling to business events, or even trips to pick up or drop off packages can all be included in your mileage. The trick is to make sure that you are recording nothing but your business mileage,…

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Kondomania: Sparking Joy

(Header image courtesy of Bustle.com) America’s economy has morphed throughout our history, starting from agricultural to manufacturing to service to technology. Now it seems we’re moving towards a celebrity-based economy. The world is full of D-list celebrities competing for attention: third-rate rappers hoping to break through their own noise, random Kardashian cousins, and spurned bachelorettes…

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Welcome to Madison Randolph’s Blog! My work as a CPA means that I don’t write a lot.  Most of my advice is given to my customers during phone calls, meetings, and the occasional e-mail. I want to share my knowledge with more people, and show them how they can save money and help themselves when it…

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Top 10 Most Expensive Business Tax Mistakes


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