Tax Strategies

How Medical Expense Reimbursement Plans Help Your Business

One of the most frequently cited benefits for employment is health care.  Small businesses especially suffer from the high costs of offering insurance benefits, and in the end, may even lose valuable employees due to the inability to offer better insurance than what they can afford. Using a Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan, or MERP allows…

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The Augusta Rule

In some cases, helping your business save money is as easy as using your own home. Utilizing something called, “The Augusta Rule”, you can legally rent your own home out for certain work-related practices.  It only applies if your home is not your primary place of business, but it’s an interesting tax break that could…

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Hire Your Kids

The Benefits of Hiring Your Child Did you know that you can include your underage children in your business and receive a tax break for it?   Hiring your children allows them to work for you while making wages for themselves. Now, this isn’t your typical “allowance” situation, where your children mow the yard or wash…

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